The facilities of Europahaus Wien GmbH include the hotel and conference centre, the Orangery, the Miller-Aichholz castle, the Europahaus restaurant and the park. Renovation of the hotel rooms was completed in April 2018. The Orangery was renovated in 2017 and the Miller-Aichholz castle in 2018.

The student hostel “ÖJAB Europahaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser” is also located in the park and commemorates the founder and longtime president of ÖJAB, Dr. med. Bruno Buchwieser (1919-1993). Europahaus Wien GmbH is a subsidiary of ÖJAB and operates the catering business in this facility.

ÖJAB (Austrian Young Workers Movement) – is a youth organisation, independent of any party or religious obligation, which offers, as a non-profit organisation, accommodation for students, pupils, apprentices, young workers and senior citizens. At present about 5000 people live in the 23 student hostels, youth residences and senior citizens’ residences and nursing homes run by ÖJAB in Vienna, Burgenland and Salzburg. It is also strongly involved in European educational work and runs international development projects.

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